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In 2015 China's intelligent manufacturing industry market analysis

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Source;China report hall
With 4.0 German industry such as ideological trend "in" introduces advanced manufacturing strategy, China will this year "made in China 2025", and "Internet +" action plan, to promote the mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data, combined with modern manufacturing industries such as the Internet of things.In this context, this batch of haier washing machine is quite meaningful.It can be said that haier in transition from traditional mass production to mass customization.In the fundamental transformation of the mode of production, "Internet +" has played a key role.So at present our country's intelligent manufacturing industry?
Intelligent manufacturing enterprise is "domestic demand"
"Internet +" promote intelligent manufacturing into a new mode of production, enterprise need through intelligent manufacturing actively in the face of market challenges.
China's electronic information industry development of the institute for rowan believes that "Internet +" will trigger a deep reform manufacturing industry development mode, including the production model, change become the new intelligent manufacturing production mode."The Internet is becoming more and more extensive application in the field of manufacturing, will promote manufacturing towards digital, networked, intelligent direction. Industrial information system through the Internet connectivity and integrated, and will promote machine, workshop distribution, enterprise production operation and real-time information interaction between market demand and supply of raw materials, spare parts production, product integration, assembly, etc. All the production process becomes more precise coordination. Industrial cloud platform as the new production facilities, such as research and development design, manufacture, operation and management of production and business operation activities provide resources to support and service, industrial production elements to optimize integration and efficient allocation. Industrial big data applications will be throughout the whole process of design, manufacturing, marketing, service, as in the production of auxiliary decision making support, more become the important factors of production enterprises."Rowan said.
More alive, more intelligent.It is understood that the foshan factory of haier used the entire order fulfillment management system, equipped with more than 200 RFID, more than 4300 sensors, 60 device controller, implement comprehensive equipment and equipment connected, connected the equipment and material, equipment and people connected, thus build the user-centered mode of mass customization, eventually led to the first 500000 users to participate in the custom of washing machine officially offline.
 Haier's production pattern of change is not to cater to the manufacturing of the German industrial 4.0 trend, but the result of internal motivation, because of the increasingly fierce competition in the global manufacturing, washing machines and other white electricity.In order to improve competition strength, haier need to use a lower cost, shorter time to meet the market demand of individuation, that is to say, haier must become the world's fastest production rhythm, or you will lose the initiative in the competition in the market.
 Haier's this move represents the general direction of China's manufacturing industry.The state information center, director of the expert committee NingGuJun told the China electronics news reporter, this year is a tough year for China's manufacturing enterprises.Labour shortages, cost increase, excess capacity and the weak global economy has restricted the development of enterprise.From the global competition is eating into China's "world manufacturing base" status.Low-end manufacturing is rapidly moving from China to other low-cost countries, and high-end manufacturing back to developed countries for the Chinese manufacturing enterprises is definitely icing on the cake.In the face of various pressure, transformation and upgrading has become the priority of enterprises.Product innovation based on Internet technology, lean manufacturing, flexible manufacturing and supply chain integration, become the development of China's manufacturing sector this year advocate fundamental key.

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