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The valve into the age of the Internet must be with "experience is king"

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This year there are a lot of traditional valve factory is a problem in communication, everyone has an Internet anxiety, what is going on the Internet? Should be how to get to know it, it looks like a value creator. In many industries, Internet subverts many traditional business model, the valve industry how to transform the Internet?
About the mobile Internet, many people who would say that the valve manufacturer I advertising on the Internet, I see the Internet as a media platform, or others say, I have open a shop on the Internet, I also sell things on the Internet. This is all companies use the Internet, is not really the enterprises turned to the Internet in a way. Some enterprises also said that we are using these technologies, cloud computing, big data is represented by the Internet technology are in the open, but may be free, or is open source, so the use of the Internet technology is not the same as your business on the Internet.
Valve must be entered the Internet era is to "experience is king". That is to say, how to win the user's approval, the inside of the most important is, in fact, how to create a good user experience. In today's Internet, the communication of information is widely brings two problems, one is the user has slowly by the state of asymmetric information in the past, will become the user more and more have more communication and understanding to the product.
additional business in the past, the truth tell us more is a selling point in the design, we are manufacturing capabilities, and then through the way of advertising that the one-way infusion to consumers, once sell the product to the consumer, I largely ended with the commercial activity. We hope that customers won't come to me again. But, in fact, today's Internet offer you any of the products and services, the most important thing is not you cheat users of the selling point, the most important thing is that when you sell something to the user, or free products to consumers, when consumers begin to use your products, experience the journey has just begun. We can spend a lot of money, a lot of advertising, to instill a lot of content, but do you have any method through an advertisement already use your products consumers feel this thing is very good, no advertising can play this role, only through the experience of product creation. Today only true from your product in the consumers feel you give him to create this value, he can speak with other people, can form to your reputation.
So, in the Internet age, the experience may become very important. What is experience? To summarize, which means you provide users with a normal function, or to the user to create the value of the normal, that's not experience, only beyond user expectations, culminating in's experience .Experience sometimes expensive is not necessarily to do service, experience often starting from consumers, let consumers feel you can go beyond his expectations, only beyond the expectations of customers, can let the consumer business outside of you an emotional identity.
At the same time in building the Internet business model should be your first consideration when "the user is supreme". In fact, in the traditional economy, we generally valve enterprise is no user of this concept, we is the concept of the customer, who bought our stuff, who pay to us, who is our customer. Then, we often are traditionally speaking, the customer is god, will wholeheartedly for customer service, in a nutshell is who will pay for us, we'll give who provide a good service. But, on the Internet, all successful business model is not only considering only a "customer", and more are considering "users". How to define? User is to use your product or service, but they may not be paid to you, they also is not necessarily one who buy your product, he may be with some even some free services do you think is not important, or some of the edge of the product. Because on the Internet, all the successful business model, or you have enough users, or you can make free mode.
So, want to become a successful Internet companies, with a rich selection of user groups can be a very basic consideration. So we have a lot of traditional valve enterprise at the time of turning to the Internet, not only the simple considering selling things on the Internet, the original method of dealing with customer's move to the Internet, you may want to consider the Internet first consider not sell things, first consider how to provide users with some valuable services, even the free service, even some not so expensive, but very meaningful to the user of this product. How to let more people through the use of my service and products to my user.
Internet experts tell a view on the Internet, is no fan of the valve after brand will not be able to have a foothold, I agree with this perspective. Which is on the Internet, if you're like between users, you will always be a business relationships with customers, is always a trade relationship, the customer just paid the money for your services, customer also think that's a deal. So, you might find it hard to establish the real contact with the client.

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