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The valve enterprise must have the Internet, thinking

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"The Internet" as the tool of today's most influential, everybody is easy to understand. But we want to talk about today is not just "the application of the Internet tools", but "Internet" how this tool application mode changed to "Internet thinking", tell from form, can be simple to understand as a methodology, protagonist for today's topic "manufacturing enterprise", is an innovative business model. Manufacturing company and I understand the Internet, the application is a must, but in the end is to be "products" on the Internet, and is improving customer value "products" on the Internet.
Manufacturing enterprise how to change?
Frist, The application of a, enterprise Internet tools
Many Internet tool types, manufacturing enterprise Internet application is very common, I think the main function is to make the enterprise more rapid, efficient, low cost of using information system, improve the competitiveness of the enterprises. The first category, cloud computing. At present many enterprise information systems are moved to the cloud, the main representative of tools with CRM, SRM, HR, traceability, etc. The business system. The second category, mobile. Based on people-oriented, intelligent mobile phone vigorously popularize, EBOY solution is the direction of enterprise key consideration and application. The third class, social.WeChat, weibo, BBS and other social networking platform, the depth of the application is a manufacturing enterprise are digging the potential of the part, the most widely used in the marketing level. The fourth class, large data collection and analysis. Their customer satisfaction and value is the core in the development of enterprises, let the tentacles extend to the end user is one of the most useful method, the application of the Internet tools is the default choice.
Second, the Internet of products of the shift.
Internet tools manufacturing enterprise application is the only way, but the application of all the final purpose is to improve enterprise competitiveness, direct point said, is to improve the profit of enterprises. Enterprise profit source and where? I think that can generate profits should be products directly. So the product of the Internet is also a manufacturing enterprises at present should focus on the direction of thinking. We can from the product of intelligent direction of thinking and innovation, the purpose is to make the product more science and technology, let the consumer more than one to choose your reason. The current intelligent home appliances, intelligent elevator, the application of intelligent household have begun to pay off, but there are many traditional products haven't to this aspect of the development of industry, such as sanitary ware products is also very rare.
Three, enterprise Internet thinking transformation.
Enterprise Internet is the most important is not the application of the Internet tools, also is not the product of the Internet, but the "Internet" of thinking. As long as the manufacturing enterprise with the thinking of the Internet, so, product innovation, management innovation, business model innovation will waterway channel into, the customer will eventually be enterprise to the Internet and drive of thinking, and become your loyal fans." Millet mobile phone" is one of the most successful model, products, marketing, market, management are fully applied to the Internet.
Nowadays the society, the Internet thinking has bloomed in many industry. Hope to find their own manufacturing enterprises in China typhoon, Internet thinking should be a good Idea.

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