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China's "Internet +" eventually will be a "+Globle"

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                          4.0 "Internet + ”and industry
In countries to promote industrial upgrading strategy, China has "Internet +", the German industrial 4.0, Israel's science and technology entrepreneurship, the United States is also made in talking up the American recovery. For 4.0 "Internet + and industry, is containing and contained relationship, which indicate the direction for the further development of the enterprise, the latter is provides a new direction for the development of new industries, at least, is the more reasonable the trend of the development of the industry in recent years. Though as the existence of 4.0 is also a strategic industry in Germany, but compared with China's "Internet +", to much difference on the content and connotation, it has a certain relationship with China's national conditions.
On the one hand, China's industrial manufacturing base in the primary stage, want to achieve industrial 4.0 need to do too much; "Internet +" is reversed transmission, on the other hand, and promote the traditional enterprise policy of Internet content, needs a lot of government intervention, among which determines the "+" the complexity of the Internet.If the "Internet +" as the book of changes and industrial 4. O is one of the sixty-four hexagrams divination of changes.+ "for most people," the Internet is the methodology, the implementation of the "Internet + 4.0 is a specific operating mode, the end result is to realize the transformation and upgrading of the whole industry.
  4.0 in by people, although the industry for its contents probably few people can say the pure, more people because of "Internet +" access to the board of refers to the use of German industrial union information system (Cyber-PhysicalSystem CPS) will supply in production, manufacturing, sales information of digital, wisdom, finally achieve rapid, effective, and personalized product supply. Industrial 4.0 is the appearance of digital and wisdom, and its core content is the current all Internet companies in the emphasis on the connection.
    4.0 concept includes industrial controlled by the centralized control to distributed enhanced basic pattern transformation, the individuality of the goal is to build a highly flexible and production mode of digital products and services.Its significance lies in the fact that in industrial 4.0 mode, the traditional industry boundaries will disappear, and can produce all kinds of new fields of activity and forms of cooperation.This makes the enterprises change is taking place in the process of creating new value, the industrial chain division of labor will be restructured.
  Domestic in the industrial progress of 4.0 in February 9, 2014, German industry research institute, China 4.0 relevant institutes and the two countries enterprises of Qingdao china-germany "industrial 4.0" promoting union, was established in Qingdao, the eleventh national economic district - the west coast of Qingdao, new city, become China's first "4.0" industrial alliance.In the same year on November 4, the 16th China international industry fair, on display 4.0 China's first set of industry line.
Why industrial 4.0 was born in Germany
Why Germany first proposed industrial 4.0?This has relationship with German seiko homework, in the era of steam, the core of Europe to become the world manufacturing, will be a large number of reducing production cost, Germany is one of the best of that era.During world war ii, a lot of military industrial products demand for German manufacturing achieved rapid leap, design, development and production of high-speed rise, to the war technology after completed the second precipitation, now has entered the industrial age 3.0 in Germany.
Car industry in the most developed, and before the Internet, the auto industry is on behalf of the highest content of science and technology industry, to now also not backward, Germany has been in the hands of the high-tech manufacturing technology.Germany and Japan workshop equipment is to introduce the most countries around the world, not only has the ability to manufacture products, design and development ability of machinery and production lines. Industrial 4.0 content based on intelligent, intelligent is part of the Internet of things, Germany didn't put the industrial convergence to the Internet, but the elements of the Internet of things into industrial 4.0, actually is also another form of "Internet +".
Industrial automation is the basis of industrial 4.0 launch
Industrial 4.0 is the big data revolution, cloud computing, mobile Internet era background, the enterprise carry on the improvement of intelligent, the combination of industrial upgrade, is a better promotion and development of Chinese enterprises an important way. China and Germany after the "4.0" industrial union, the west coast of Qingdao, new city will invest 100 million yuan to pilot area part of the enterprise, the future will gradually realize the "4.0" industrial upgrade.
Industrial automation is to start in Germany industry one of the important premise of 4.0, mainly in machinery and electrical engineering. Currently widely used in Germany and the manufacturing of "embedded system", it is to embed the mechanical or electrical parts completely controlled device, a special computer system is a specific application design. Data show that this "embedded system" the market benefit each year up to 20 billion euros, and this number will increase to more than 2020 to 40 billion euros.
In fact, most of China's manufacturing enterprises don't have this foundation.For example, a building materials company, in the early 90 s from Germany introduced a very advanced automated production equipment, but limited to the employees' operation quality and rush to online at the time, finally put all into a semi-automatic and fully automatic devices, is still in use.Apparently, the production workshop to pick up the implementation of the transformation and upgrading of 4.0 is not very realistic.
  Though robots can improve the efficiency of production, but for short production cycle of smartphones and other hardware equipped with fully automatic production line is not cost-effective.Means that in a rapidly changing market, the flexibility of the workers is still the key.On another level, foxconn has no production and marketing integration process, not the reverse supply chain design, is mainly manufacturing, the future may also give priority to with sales cooperation, it is difficult to achieve real industrial 4.0.Foxconn in the production of automation equipment, however, with the great progress, in the tide of a new round of industry to the Internet, foxconn equipment custom machine production capacity will enter the bonus period.
From China's "4.0" industrial alliance with Germany, 4.0 the indissoluble bond with the industry of China.In the next, in the "Internet +" strategy to promote industrial 4.0 will change a lot of China's traditional manufacturing.4.0 at the same time, the industry upgrading of industry will further implement for the strategy of China "in all area" provides more guarantees.The distance between China and the world more and more small, industrial 4.0 is just a beginning.China's "Internet +" the end result, will be the world.

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