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Haier try Internet factory: achieve mass customization product

Release date:2015-08-04 Click browse:

   Shenyang refrigerator factory of the Internet
Zhengzhou factory air conditioning the Internet
    On May 6, more than 10 national key network media, including kwangmyong "into the Internet industry in Qingdao" the first station came to Qingdao haier group headquarters, Internet visit haier factory of the secret.Haier is to understand the nature of the industry 4.0 interconnected factory, is to be connected the users the best experience, realize the mass customization.
Haier began to explore interconnected factory since 2012, in the process of the exploration, from a process of unmanned, and then to a workshop of unmanned, and the whole factory automation, and then to the demonstration of the whole interconnected factory, is a constant process of accumulation and precipitation.
4.0 at present, the haier has built in four big industry industry demonstration plant, including shenyang refrigerator interconnected factory (global industry first smart + connected plant), zhengzhou air conditioning interconnected factory (the global air conditioning industry the most advanced interconnection factory), Internet platen washing machine factory, Qingdao water heater connected factories, etc.In addition to these demonstration plant, haier and replication in the midst of the global supply chain system, the purpose is to achieve the user can be anywhere in the world any one time, through his mobile terminals at any time can be customized products, interconnected factory can at any time at any time to meet the needs of his perception.

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