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JS Tride Aerospace Valve Co., Ltd. was established in the November of 2013 by both JS Tride Group, a famous private enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and the Research Institute of Aerospace Propulsion under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. It covers an area of 80 mu. The registered capital was 100 million Yuan, and the total investment was 500 million Yuan. The standard production plant and integrated office building totally cover nearly 20000 ㎡.The TAV mainly creates high-grade under water valves, ship valves, and nuclear power equipment valves .Based on the new Internet thinking, the TAV actively implements the strategy of “54321” to create a factory of equipment, technology, products, services, and intelligent management. The company mainly orients in the four productions of subsea production equipment, nuclear energy, aerospace equipment power equipment and land high-end equipment. Characteristic by the “Smart Factory, Transparent Factory, Mobile Factory”, the company integrates the Informatization and Industralization deeply to build a private customers factory of “Internet+Intelligence Manufacturing”.
The TAV has imported 100 units per set of CNC horizontal boring and milling machine and vertical machining center from Doosan, South Korea, and built the world’s first-class high-end intelligent equipment production line, which can complete a variety of complex and high-precise parts processing and whole-set packaging. The company developed a TAV Intelligent Manufacturing Execution System (Abbreviation TIMES) with independent innovation, which is “Internet+Intelligence Manufacturing” and realizes the “Industrial 4.0” with modern and general enterprise management.
The TAV has established a intelligent Technical Center of 300 ㎡, this centre consists of technical exchange centre, technique exhibition centre and cloud technique centre. The technical exchange centre equips with high quality lamplight acoustical control system, and it can accommodate nearly hundred people to have technical exchange, academic discussion and conference arrangement. The technique exhibition centre support high-speed operation, multi-dimensional display and realize self-help operation, self-help consult, self-help appreciation. The cloud technique centre support concurrent access to the vast clients and high-speed support company video monitoring, command and dispatch, data processing etc. It provides TIMES a high speed, stable, safe background support.
Our company has established good relations of cooperation with so many well-known oil and gas equipment manufacturers, integrators, facilitators and operators .